How do ticket buyers receive their tickets?

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When a ticket buyer have completed the purchasing process s/he lands on a ticket page showing the acquired ticket(s) for the event. S/he also receives an email with a link to this page. On the tickets pages there is also a transaction overview with the option to download the invoice, if you have set tax to be added and invoices to be issued.

If the ticket buyer have bought a single ticket or claimed a ticket
The ticket is automatically claimed and s/he can see the options on the ticket page to download the ticket as a PDF and to forward the ticket to someone else.

If the ticket buyers have bought multiple tickets
The tickets are shown on the tickets page with the options to claim the ticket or to forward the ticket to someone else. Any unclaimed tickets are marked as unclaimed until they are forwarded to someone else. Each ticket needs to be claimed by someone with a user profile to be valid for check-in.


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