How do I handle refunds from tickets sales?

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In most countries an organizer is not legally obliged to offer refunds on ticket sales, like it is customary for other goods purchased via the Internet. Because of this we have not build in any plug and play functionality for handling refunds. It is however still possible for each organizer to offer this to ticket buyers. 

If you intend to offer refunds as an option on your tickets, we recommend stating it clearly in the ticket type name or in the ticket description to make the options clear to potential ticket buyers. If nothing else is stated your potential ticket buyers will most likely assume that refunds are not an option.

How do I handle a refund? 
Options depends on your chosen Payment service provider and the timing of the refund request.

You can issue a refund of a payment at any time. Please see latest information on refunding  from Stripe.

With PayPal you can abstain from accepting a payment within 30 days. So, if this option is open, you can do a refund simply by cancelling the payment. After this point, you'd need to handle a refund manually.  Please see latest information on refunding from Paypal.

Note, that no credit note or other information about refunds are sent from Conferize to the ticket buyer, nor is information about refunds maintained in your transactions overview.


Can I delete a refunded or returned ticket from the system?
No. But you can simply disregard the ticket as invalid. You cannot delete or resell the same ticket that have once been sold. If a refund or a return is made and you have increased capacity due to this, you can increase the amount of tickets available. To do this Go to Manage event > Tickets > Chose the relevant ticket type and click Edit > Increase the number of available tickets.  


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