How do I handle check-in at the event?

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We have made check in fast and easy. On your Check-in page you can follow the progress and see all attendees who have claimed their tickets. You can filter and search attendees and check them in directly from this page. Or you can enable self check in to make attendees check in themelves when they arrive. And you also have the option to print out any filtered overview in an easy to scan format to use as a guest list at the door.

Depending on your need for securing that only ticket holders enter your event you have a few different options. You can ask the ticket holders to simply say their name at the entrance, search and find them, and click the Check-in button.

If the security of checking in each attendee is important for your event, you can ask them beforehand to print the ticket PDF’s and bring them for you to check.

A third option, if this kind of security is not important for your event and if you know that most users will have internet connection, you can simply enable 'Self check-in' on the Check-in page to speed up the check in process at the event.

What is self check-in?
With self check-in enabled each attendee will have an option to click "Check in" directly on a claimed ticket on their ticket page. The check-in button will be active from 30 minutes before the event start and until the event ends. This will automatically change the status of the ticket buyer to ‘Checked in’ on your Check-in overview page.


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