How do I make sure that attendees who register at Etouches are brought directly to my event website?

Conferize -

After being sent to Etouches (for booking tickets), my attendees are not automatically redirected to Conferize. How do I make sure they are?


1) Go to the relevant event in the Events Browser

2) At the top bar, select eReg -> eReg Settings -> Adv. Settings


3) Scroll to Other/Miscellaneous and mark "Redirect registrant to an alternative page upon registration completion"



4) In the text box, enter your event URL (with https://) including "invite/attendee" at the end of the URL


Example above:

PS: Please note that the following steps need to be taken on Etouches' website, and we can not guarantee that the described steps will remain the same, nor can we guarantee the effect or outcome of changing any Etouches settings.

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