How do I make sure that attendees who register at Eventbrite are brought back to my event website?

Conferize -

After being sent to Eventbrite (for booking tickets), my attendees are not automatically redirected to Conferize. How do I make sure they are?


1) Go to your Manage Page at Eventbrite.
2) Go to Order Confirmation (under Order Options in the top of the options menu).
3) Select the option “Customize the order confirmation page”.
Clear all of the text in the message field and enter your event URL (with the https://) including “/invite/attendee” at the end of the URL.
This will make the users go to the welcome page of the event on Conferize, marked as attending the event.
P.S. Please note that the following steps need to be taken on Eventbrite’s website, and we can not guarantee the same support as we can to our own users.  
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