How can I do audience curation with Conferize?

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Some events have a special process requesting the organizers approval before attendeess can acquire tickets. An example is the audience curation process for some TEDx events set up to ensure a diverse audience. This process can be assisted with Conferize and combined with registration and ticket sales.

Using the options available with the social event website organizers can set up an easy way for potential attendees applying for attending their events.

  1. Set up the forms at your preferred service*. 
  2. In your Manage event pages, as Registration service provider, choose Conferize.
  3. Set up a new Ticket, and set it as hidden with a secret code.
  4. Open the Page intro area on the Ticket page (or create a new Custom page). 
  5. Embed the forms in the editor. Use the Insert Rich Media option and add the link to the service. Or embed the forms with an Iframe in the HTML view of the editor. (Set width of the iframe to 100% to make sure it works smoothly on mobile screens).
  6. Promote your Registration page. Share the link and invite potential attendees to apply. You can use the Community > Messages > Invite people option in your Manage event area to invite people directly to the community.
  7. Review incoming applications and pick the approved application.
  8. Email the approved applicants with the good news and your hidden ticket link so they can make the final registration for the event.

*Suggested services for forms and file uploads:

- Allows you to combine forms and file upload

Dropbox file requests
- Allows you to have applicants upload files directly to your dropbox.

Dropbox Forms from JotForm
- Allows you to combine form fields for information with direct upload to your dropbox

Google Forms
- Free and easy to set up forms, but without file upload option.

- The quick and dirty option. Simply state the information you request and ask for papers to be sent to your email address.


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